The last thing you need to make your parking lot perfect are wheel stops. This is an item that provides great benefits and makes your lot finished and complete. Are you interested?  

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    Wheel Stops


    Wheel stops helps you ensure the order and safety of your parking lot. It is better to prevent than to leave the security and safety open to destiny.


    The functionality of wheel stops can be utilized to secure pedestrians, your property and even drivers and their vehicles. You can have them installed in parking lots, residential areas, commercial areas, schools, churches and much more.


    We work with the best materials available. Our wheel stops are resistant and durable, guaranty!


    Our team of specialists have a high compromise with its labor. Thats the reason why we established high quality standards, order and results. At MGE we work fast and efficiently.


    Communication is one of our goals. MGE enphasizes on the communication with our clients in order to have them well informed. The follow up of our services is our goal and our guaranty.


    MGE is available and able to provide you guidance with regards to security and design of wheel stops. If you have a specific design idea let us know and we will provide you with our recommendation.


    We adapt to your needs

    Every project is different and we understand that. Our capacity to adapt allows us to reach more customers. Your needs for wheel stops is our top priority. Let us know what we can do for you.

    Do you need to restore or update your wheel stops?

    Many clients have reached out to us to repair their old wheel stops. Not only we restore the life we leave them even better.


    Ensure your parking lots are functional and secured with wheel stops.

    Join MGE community, we believe in what we do and the results will show you why.