If there is anything that requires order and clarity are your parking lot strips. Not only they need to look good, but they need to be functional and they need to be clear to achieve maximum safety. We have great technics and years of experience in parking lot striping, including handicap stenciling, fire lanes, ramps, lane numbering, etc. MGE brings you top services for your parking lots or garages striping needs.

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    Striping your parking lot is the best way to establish an organized lot, no more confusions, pedestrians will be safe, no more vehicle accidents due to faded arrows or traffice signs.


    Our professionals adapt to your needs, we evaluate your lot disposition and provide you with our recommendation. We keep your needs and design in mind, while maximazing your lot.


    The quality of our striping results are visible. We chose high quality materials that will sustain the wheather requirements by providing durability and resistance.


    A well kept parking lot not only provides organization but it provide a great first impression. This is the first impression of your organization, the value of your institutional image.


    Our goal is to provide our clients with an open line of communication. We work closely throughout all the phases of the job. To win your trust is our number 1 goal.


    We understand that your parking lot is a vital area for the development of an active business. That is why MGE striping works fast, efficient delivering great results and with high quality products.

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    Don’t let the opportunity of creating a funcional space for your parking lot get away. It’s a small investment, with low maintenance which generates great value!.

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    A safe option for great benefits. Line striping.

    Come join MGE’s community, we believe in what we do let us show you why. Parking lot striping provides a great service for your commercial or residential space. The proper use of this area provides safety for your pedistrians, proper traffic guidance to your drivers and an organized community.