If you are the type of person that security is an important factor for your business we can help accomplish that. MGE recognizes the need for speed bumps for your parking lot. Speed bumps guaranties the safety of both your drivers and pedestrians.

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    It is a proven fact, that speed bumps reduce accidents. MGE is proud to be part of helping maintain the security of our community and our clients.


    Our professional team works together to install speed bumps, no mater where, either in parking lots, residential zones, commercial areas any place you need to re-inforce traffic security.


    You might understand that speed bumps provides you with the safety you need; however, you might not know exactly where to install them. Let our team provide you the knoweledge you need to make the right decision for your asset.


    If you need to repair, restaured or replace speed bumps, call us today we can help.


    From the start of your project to the completion of it, we will be in contact with you every step of the way. This is our policy to guaranty our clients trust.


    We chose high quality materials that will sustain the wheather requirements by providing durability and resistance to our speed bumps.


    Reduce the amount of accidents and/or coalitions.

    One speed bump can generate great changes, with efficiency and simplicity. 

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    Take charge of the security of your lot by reducing vehicle speeds with the intallation of speed bumps.

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